Ferndale City Guide 2020

By Sara E. Teller
Photos by Bernie Laframboise & Others

FERNDALE OFFERS A HIP-AND-HAPPENING COMMUNITY, with both starter and forever homes nestled conveniently near many of Metro-Detroit’s major highways. Homeowners choose Ferndale for its welcoming, tight-knit feel, diverse population and friendly residents, and wide array of available amenities.

This is why the area is also home to many skilled realtors, builders, contractors, property managers, and home improvement companies. It makes sense to follow the crowd and Ferndale is a natural fit.


TAKE WATERWORK PLUMBING FOR EXAMPLE, ORIGINALLY STARTED by owner David Greylin back in 2006. Greylin launched the company with just one truck. Since then, WaterWork has grown to include a team of 14 people who serve the entire tri-county area, and owner Greylin says, “Business is booming!” For more information, call 248-542-8022 or visit waterworkplumbing.com.


CREGGER PLUMBING & SEWER ALSO OFFERS DRAIN AND SEWER CLEANING, and boiler services in addition to plumbing solutions. The company loves to give back to Ferndale, too, by sponsoring Habitat for Humanity, the Hydrocephalus Association, and the Ferndale Ice Festival. Visit creggerplumbing.com or call 248-560-7780.


FOR SAME-DAY EMERGENCY PLUMBING SERVICES, TRI-COUNTY RESIDENTS can contact Emergency Drain and Plumbing. Skilled workers stand ready to keep the show running. Call 248-506-7634 or submit a service request at emergencydrainandplumbing.com.


TAMELA EKSTROM STARTED HAVEN REAL ESTATE + DESIGN IN 2015. “I’d lived in a number of different cities across the U.S. and had been involved in a number of different aspects on the real estate business, including construction, property management, and of course real estate sales. I wanted to create a space where people working for HAVEN could tailor their lives how they wanted,” she explained.

One unique aspect of HAVEN is that agents work from their own homes, or from local co-working spaces. “I also encourage them to be their own unique individuals. Not everyone wants a flashy real estate agent in a suit! We empower our clients’ by educating them so they can make an educated, informed decision,” Ekstrom said.

HAVEN primarily serves the Ferndale community, as well as neighboring areas along the Woodward Corridor. Ekstrom explained, “The majority of our customers are people who are looking to buy or sell a home in or around Ferndale. Most of our customers want to buy or sell property along the Woodward Corridor from Detroit to Royal Oak, Berkley, Clawson, Detroit, Beverly Hills, and Bloomfield Hills, but we do reach as far as Grosse Pointe, Dearborn, Macomb, and Northville. Our clients are interested in investing their money wisely and utilizing technology to search for properties.”

In addition to traditional real estate assistance, HAVEN also offers design services. Ekstrom said, “HAVEN real estate + design helps both sellers and buyers with design services. If people sell their homes with us, we offer a free consultation and home walk-through to tell them what to do to maximize profits. For our buyers, we can give rough estimates on renovations and refer contractors.” The company can also assist with furniture selection and interior decorating. She added, “We’re experts at pricing homes, and giving recommendations based on the current real estate market. We’re experts at marketing properties to people looking to buy now.”

The “unique, artistic, edgy, progressive, and inclusive” atmosphere in Ferndale makes working there fun and exciting for Ekstrom and she has been involved in many one-of-a-kind projects, explaining, “I designed and decorated our Northwest Ferndale rock home and it was recently featured in the pilot episode of HGTV’s What You Get For The Money. HAVEN agent Stephanie Kort was the featured realtor in the segment, talking about Ferndale and all it has to offer.”

For more information, 248-464-3304 or visit livehaven.com.


REAL ESTATE LEGEND JUDY PALMER HAS LIVED IN FERNDALE FOR OVER 36 YEARS. She grew up in Oak Park and eventually relocated to Ferndale after college, explaining, “Living in Ferndale was a natural transition once I moved back home from EMU. I knew I wanted to get out on my own. Ferndale was a very affordable city for renting and I worked at a local restaurant.”

She originally started her real estate career at a small realty office on Woodward in Royal Oak, then RE/MAX in Royal Oak for 10 years and now at RE/MAX Showcase Homes since 1999 in Birmingham.

Judy’s business has grown leaps and bounds over the years. She said, “For over 35 years, I have cultivated a wonderful client base. My business is 90 percent repeat clients and referrals, which includes generations in families. I am currently working with a young woman to find her first home. I first met her when I found her parents their first home and she was about sixyears-old.”

With a background in interior design and staging as well as marketing, Judy helps sellers prepare their properties for showings plus virtual tours. She ensures that homes get the exposure they deserve. Her follow-up and personal attention to details makes for a smooth transaction with an easy closing.

Judy works closely with buyers to find the right space, manage inspections and appraisals, and facilitate the mortgage and title processes. She said, “My experience, education, certifications and negotiation techniques help my clients daily.”

Palmer also volunteers for many Ferndale events including Pig & Whiskey and DYI StreetFair for the Friends of Ferndale Library. She serves as a board member for Ferndale Community Foundation and Ferndale Board of Zoning Appeals.

“Ferndale is a great place to live, shop and have fun,” she said. “Our friendly neighborhoods, downtown area and amenities like the Library, community center, parks, and City services – plus the culture of music, theatre, comedy, wellness and diversity – make Ferndale the best place to be!”

For more information regarding all of the services Judy Palmer offers, call 833-577-3557 or visit judypalmer.com.


JIM SHAFFER HAS BEEN A LICENSED REALTOR SINCE 2000 BUT BEGAN HIS FULL-TIME REAL ESTATE CAREER IN 2010. His close connection to the Ferndale community and our schools, businesses and residents helped the business quickly grew.

“Over the years, the team has grown to 42 fulltime members in order to serve our clients at the same high standard of ‘wow’ client experience,” Shaffer said. “We are part of Good Company Realty, a real estate brokerage in Royal Oak.”

Jim Shaffer and Associates serves homeowners along the Woodward Corridor, including those who have lived in the area for just a few years and many that have lived there for more than 40.

“We also help many buyers who wish to live in these communities, either buying their first homes or buying a larger home to suit their growing lives,” Shaffer explained. “Because we are a team of specialists, our clients enjoy the high level of service and communication that a team can provide. From the first call, we walk our clients through every step of the process with staging and updating advice, if needed, to pricing, and ultimately, masterful negotiation.”

THE COMPANY SPONSORS MANY OF THE EVENTS IN FERNDALE, including Pride, DIY, Pig & Whiskey, and others. “We often serve for local charities, work booths and volunteer our time within the community,” Shaffer said, adding, “When describing our city to potential relocation buyers, I always say we are a small town with a big community. I love the entrepreneurial spirit here – our businesses and residents choose to support one another, and this certainly fuels us here at Jim Shaffer and Associates.”

Shaffer enjoys the sense of belonging, contribution, and connection in Ferndale. He said, “We love Ferndale and we love what we do! Every day, we are honored to help buyers and sellers move through the emotional highs and lows of real estate. We are there when folks buy their first homes and when families are faced with the difficult task of selling their parents’ homes. It’s an honor and responsibility that we take seriously, and we will always put the client first.”

To work with Jim Shaffer, call 248-834-3030. more information, visit soldcalljim.com.

By Sara E. Teller
Photos by Bernie Laframboise & Others

FERNDALE IS A HEALTH AND WELLNESS EPICENTER, with a wide range of fitness, physician and pharmaceutical, physical therapy and alternative healing options, as well as beauty service providers and many others. Residents can easily walk to a number of these businesses, and the variety of services available make a comprehensive care plan simple and affordable.


HILTON VETERINARY CLINIC WAS STARTED IN APRIL 2016 BY DR. BETSY SCHNUR, who currently lives in Ferndale and enjoys serving the community in which she works. “Our customers are mainly local dogs and cats living in the Ferndale area,” Dr. Schnur explained. “We focus specifically on one-on-one individualized patient care for each pet.”

Full-service veterinary services are available onsite, including fear-free preventative care, minor soft tissue surgical procedures such as spay and neuter services, and mass removals, as well as canine or feline dental radiographs and surgical tooth extraction. Hilton also offers micro-chipping, vaccinations, and parasite screening and removal.

Hilton Veterinary Clinic supports the Ferndale Cat Shelter and participates annually in Fido Does Ferndale. The business is also currently planning to expand its involvement in other local pet-related events.

Dr. Schnur said, “I love the people in our community, especially dedicated pet owners who make our jobs worthwhile and bring smiles into our lives! Hilton Veterinary Clinic is proud to serve this community and surrounding areas with future plans to expand the business while also staying in Ferndale. Stay tuned!”

For more information on all of the services Hilton Veterinary Clinic offers, visit hiltonpetvet.com or call 248-955-3253.


MICHAEL GORNEY HAS DEDICATED HIS ADULT LIFE TO HELPING PEOPLE of all ability levels, from high school and collegiate athletes to senior citizens and individuals with spinal cord and traumatic brain injuries. His versatile, all-inclusive approach to client relationships proves he takes each individual’s goals and abilities into consideration, and this is the philosophy that led to the development of the Brain Meets Brawn brand.

Founded in 2014, Brain Meets Brawn was created as a solution to the exponentially expanding fitness industry and its overall “lack of professionalism and oversight,” Gorney said. “Our mission was to introduce the science of movement, through corrective exercising and bio-mechanics, to an aging baby- boomer and emerging millennial generation.”

The company began in a small gym at the 1300 E Lafayette building in Detroit, and in August 2019 the first brick-and-mortar location was officially established at 3029 Hilton Road in Ferndale. “I was out of work following extensive ACL and meniscus surgery, and happened to drive by a ‘for lease’ sign down the street from our house,” Gorney explained. “After a quick peek inside, I knew this was the opportunity to take Brain Meets Brawn to the next level.”

Brain Meets Brawn currently focuses on orthopedic injuries with an emphasis on individuals of an older age or nearing or currently retired. “We are a medical rehabilitation and fitness facility that strives to provide a comprehensive rehabilitation and fitness program to our clients,” Gorney explained. “How-ever, our doors are open to anyone who wants to learn more about the art and science of biomech-anics, movement systems, injury prevention, and pain management.”

Brain Meets Brawn hosts a monthly class with Drifter Coffee called Recovery Day. “We also planned a charity event for the Purple Polka Dot Race in late March or April. Purple Polka Dot is a charity group that spreads awareness on vascular birthmarks,” he added.

For more information, call 586-808-8282 or visit bmbfitnesssolutions.com.


IN MAY 2015, MIKE TOCCO, REGISTERED ACUPUNCTURIST, OPENED EVOLVE ACUPUNCTURE & WELLNESS in Birmingham and, as the business expanded, it moved to Ferndale December 2017.

“Since our move to Ferndale, we have added two additional healthcare providers,” explained Tocco. “Kat Barber, Registered Acupuncturist, and Candace Belinc, Licensed Massage Therapist. We offer acupuncture five days per week and massage therapy two days per week. All of our practitioners are licensed by the State of Michi- gan and are nationally board certified in their professions.”

Other services EVOLVE offers include Chinese herbal medicine and cupping therapy, as well as an exclusive three-step facial protocol that includes acupuncture, red light LED therapy, and a micro-current facial mask designed to improve tone and appearance.

“Our goal is to help our patients feel, move, and look better,” Tocco said. “We help people of all ages that are looking for natural and safe methods to relieve pain and improve their overall health and wellness. We treat patients who are recently injured or patients who have complex and/or chronic conditions. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can help with many conditions besides pain such as headaches, neuropathy, sports performance, digestion, allergies, immune support, sleep, stress management, fertility support, women’s health, and smoking cessation.”

He added, “We also help patients with complex medical conditions such as fibromyalgia and auto-immune conditions regain their health.”

The staff has extensive training in orthopedic style acupuncture that includes motor point muscle activation, trigger point acupuncture, also known as ‘dry needling,’ and electro-acupuncture. Massage therapy services focus primarily on pain management with optional kinesio-taping.

EVOLVE also offers a line of quality Chinese herbal products as well as a topical line of Chinese herbs that contain CBD oil for pain relief.

“We love helping the diverse community of Ferndale feel better and appreciate how inclusive it is here,” Tocco explained. “The FerndaleChamber, along with local Ferndale residents, are so supportive of their local businesses. We have an annual fundraiser at our clinic every December where we offer acupuncture and massage services for a donation, with all proceeds going to Affirmations. It’s one way we try to give back to the Ferndale community.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment call 248-955-1215 or visit acu-evolve.com.


SEARCHING FOR SPECIALIZED DENTISTRY? ALWAYS MAINTAINING a position at the forefront of advances in dental care, Hilton Progressive Dental offers the most effective and comfortable treatment methods utilizing the latest technology. Visit hiltonprogressivedental.com or call 248-209- 3702 for more information.

Tuesday 9:00 A.M.–6:00 P.M.; Thursday 8:00
A.M.–7:00 P.M.; Friday 8:00 A.M.–3:00 P.M.;
Saturday 9:00 A.M.–2:00 P.M. Sunday/Monday closed.


MANAGEMENT. US Rehabilitation & Health Services has a highly experienced team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, and speech therapists who have been dedicated to providing the highest quality of care since 2001. Visit usptrehab.com or call 844-369-9955.


DR. HOWARD CRANE’S FATHER, LEONARD, STARTED CRANE OPTICAL IN 1949, choosing Ferndale for its thriving business district and prime location. Dr. Crane Jr. later joined the practice in 1972.

In addition to thorough vision and eye health examinations, Crane Optical offers a wide range of brand nameframes and contact lenses, cases and cleaners, as well as minor medical treatment including pre- and post-op services for laser and cataract surgery. Customers also receive free eyewear repairs, including adjustments, screws, and nose pad replacement.

Dr. Crane prides himself on providing high quality care and affordable products. During an exam, he will perform multiple tests, screening for retina and corneal disorders. Afterwards, he takes the time to carefully explain the results and discuss the optimal prescription. He can evaluate the effectiveness of a current prescription as well and make adjustments when necessary.

“I treat patients like family,” Dr. Crane said. “I offer a very comprehensive exam while being considerate of my patients’ time. And I love the small town, yet diverse feel of Ferndale.”

For more information on all of the services Crane Optical has to offer, call 248-545-5600 or visit


THE FERNDALE FAMILY PHARMACY, LOCATED ON 9 MILE BETWEEN PINECREST AND LIVERNOIS, FIRST OPENED ITS DOORS ON OCTOBER 17, 2016. The pharmacy’s over-the-counter product line is priced significantly lower than other stores in the area and the team offers a same-day free delivery service. The pharmacy team can access manufacturer coupons for patients to use on brand medications and actively communicates with prescribers on substitute medications to dispense when others are not covered by one’s insurance carrier. For more information, visit ferndalefamilypharmacy.com or call 248.565.8031.


NEARBY NOVA CHIROPRACTIC IS ANOTHER GREAT OPTION FOR RESIDENTS SEARCHING FOR A HOLISTIC APPROACH to pain management. Located in Berkley, Dr. Nick Novakoski opened the center in November 2016. For information on Nova’s services, visit novachiroclinic.com.


By Mary Meldrum
Photos by Bernie Laframboise and Others


B. NEKTAR IS A MEAD, CIDER AND BEER TAPROOM AT 1511 JARVIS IN FERNDALE. B.Nektar serves many other locations in Oakland County as well as other states. This is a cozy taproom famous for its honey-based alcoholic beverages.

Influenced by sub-pop culture and never satisfied with the status quo, B.Nektar aims to bring a modern twist on mead as well as diversify craft mead, cider and beer.

B.Nektar Meadery was founded in 2006 by Brad and Kerri Dahlhofer, with the help of their good friend Paul Zimmerman. Brad has been an avid homebrewer since 1998, making beers, meads, ciders and wine for his own enjoyment. When Brad and Kerri got married in 2005, he made a mead to toast with at their wedding and received great reviews from the guests. He joked about someday opening a meadery. Paul, a longtime friend and fellow homebrewer, soon began making meads along with Brad in the Dahlhofers’ basement. Their creations quickly began winning awards at homebrewing competitions.

B.Nektar’s session meads and hard ciders are now shaping the craft revolution.

To say that it has been a long road from the home-brewing days would be an understatement. B.Nektar continues to increase their production capacity and is currently the largest meadery in the U.S.A. B.Nektar was the first meadery to join the ranks of the top 100 best breweries in the world by Ratebeer.com.

Proud of this story as they may be, they put a lot of effort into not taking themselves too seriously.

Since a mead can never be better than the quality of its ingredients, B.Nektar uses only the best honey they can find. They source honey from as many local sources as they can find. They prefer that the honey has not been heated or pasteurized. This ensures that the volatile aromatics of the honey are preserved. A single bee will produce only about one twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime, but in a mead, they need between three and four pounds of honey per gallon. That means they need a lot of hives to produce enough honey for a single 265-gallon batch.


BOOGIE FEVER FEATURES A CONTEMPORARY DESIGN AND WALLS OF SLIDING GLASS WINDOWS that bring the breeze of the outdoors in to guests during the warmer months, and display the beauty of Woodward Avenue and downtown Ferndale all year round. Once you enter the dance club in back, you’ll find a large disco-lighted dance floor for you and all of your friends to get your groove on all night long.

Boogie Fever’s drink menu features a well-rounded wine list, seasonal cocktails, and draft beer. And Boogie Fever proudly proclaims themselves to be “Detroit’s Birthday and Bachelorette Party Central!” Indeed, almost every weekend you can find a bachelorette party streaming into the place to whoop it up!

Everyone arrives at Boogie Fever looking to have fun. The dance club is a sacred space for people to feel free to express themselves. This is a space for everyone to feel welcome and loved.

The club offers special deals for a booth and cover for multiple people. The Boogie Fever staff does not reserve individual tables. Those joining you later will need to pay cover, which is $5, subject to special events or policy changes. The club opens at 8:00 P.M. and will hold your booth until 11:00 P.M. Credit cards are accepted for drink tabs etc., but not door charges.


LOCATED ON NINE MILE ROAD IN FERNDALE, DETROIT FLEAT FOOD TRUCK PARK & BOOZERY is Metro Detroit’s first and only food truck park. In the “Park,” they spotlight two stationary food trucks as well as additional rotating trucks on select days of the week. In addition to the wonderful lineup of food trucks, the “Boozery” features a full bar featuring 16 rotating taps, seasonal cocktails and wine. Detroit Fleat also offers a street-food-inspired house menu. The park is the perfect place for the whole family, including your furry friends!

Detroit Fleat is home to some of Metro Detroit’s most popular food trucks. Permanent food trucks featured at Detroit Fleat include The Pita Post (Mediterranean street food) and Impasto (Italianinspired street food). Rotating food trucks include 4Kings Café (coffee), Bavarian Inn Cluck Truck, Brass Kitchen, Brother Truckers, Buffy’s Mexicasian, Cheese Steak Institute of America, Crepe Day Twa, Delectabowl, Detroit BBQ Company, Mac Shack, Motor City Pasty Company, Motor City Road Wings, Nosh Pit, New Deli, Press, Regina’s Food Truck, Ruckus Taco Company, Senors Food Truck, and Shredderz.

Detroit Fleat is proud to debut their newest patio addition, The Slooshie Bar. The newest standalone trailer on the patio, the Slooshie Bar will feature rotating Slooshies flavors, ice cream and frozen treats.


IMPROV (SHORT FOR IMPROVISATION) IS A FORM OF THEATER CREATED BEFORE A LIVE AUDIENCE. Improv is similar to sketch comedy, except that there are no scripts. Nothing exists before the lights come up. The audience offers suggestions for scenes or songs and the cast makes them up on the spot. This means every show is very, very original. Every scene is done for the first and last time. So, every night GO Comedy! is open, there’s something new on stage. And if you miss it, it’s gone forever.

On Friday and Saturday, the 8:00 P.M. and 10:00 P.M. shows run for approximately 90 minutes.

The Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday shows run 30 or 60 minutes. On Wednesday and Sunday one ticket is good for the entire night of shows, unless otherwise noted.

Alcohol? Yes, please! With drinks ranging from an ice-cold Pabst to a Napa Valley Chardonna, the GO! bar has something to please everyone from your hipster cousin to your great aunt Betty. Not to mention, they have a whole slew of their own drink concoctions. Each season brings a new line-up of timely palate-pleasers born from the mind of the man Metro Times named Detroit’s Best Bartender 2011, Andy French. The GO! bar proudly serves local favorites such as Valentine Distillery, Detroit Brewing Co., Atwater Brewery, B. Nektar Meadery, Short’s Brewery and more!


AT LUXURY LANES, YOU CAN ENJOY A GREAT EXPERIENCE BOWLING IN A LEAGUE OR CELEBRATING AN EVENT such as a birthday, family or company party. Luxury Lanes features a full lounge that also offers food choices to satisfy anyone’s appetite. With 16 lanes, they offer a newly-remodeled, smoke-free environment for you to enjoy.

Bowling is not the only entertainment at the Lanes. Guests can book parties, enjoy “cosmic bowling” and sign up for leagues, along with relaxing in the full bar with tables for pizza and other casual dining.

There is also an arcade, bumper bowling on all lanes, birthday parties, Perky’s pizza and Sully’s subs snack bar, corporate parties, adult parties and a youth program.

Come and enjoy the venue! Bring your family, friends, and/or co-workers!

By Jill Hurst
Photos by Bernie Laframboise & Others

9 MILE ROAD IS STILL THE CENTER OF SHOPPING IN FERNDALE, BUT THERE ARE LOTS OF FUN PLACES TO FIND WHAT YOU NEED – OR JUST WANT – ALL OVER TOWN. Go south on Livernois to OLIVE’S BLOOMBOX for flowers and yard decor. Heading north? WHIMSICAL WIT on Hilton and IRON RIDGE on Ten Mile are must-visits. Back on 9 Mile, grab some delicious dog treats and a cool new collar for your dog at MAESTRO’S DOG HAUS. Need to do some practical shopping? Head west to SCHEER’S ACE HARDWARE. There are many more places to peruse and enjoy. Just start “on the 9” and take it from there.


THOSE EARRINGS. THE ONES ELAINE WAS WEARING WHEN WE MET AT ELAINE B’S, a lovely jewelry haven on Woodward just north of 9 Mile. Simple, remarkable hoops. I want them! Elaine and her team, Caitlin, Heather, Natasha, Alaina and Holly design, create and sell beautiful pieces at the Ferndale space they’ve occupied since November of 2018. In front, a jewelry store. The “Custom Bar” displays stones and metals you can choose to make your piece. The workshop/studio is in the middle. In the back, shipping.

The six women see the process through from beginning to end. We’re here to “learn how to make a living making jewelry”, Elaine says, smiling. They also display the work of other makers, including Detroit Rose, Hunt and Noyer and Corbe, but their jewelry is the quiet star. They also create new settings for your old gems. Elaine showed me a diamond in a setting she designed. A work in progress. The setting was beautiful, supporting the diamond perfectly.

The day I visited, Caitlin and Heather were preparing to lead a workshop in ring making, which takes you through the steps of working with silver. You leave with a ring you’ve made yourself. Couples have attended the class to make their wedding bands. One man made a ring for his girlfriend. Workshops happen twice a month. They also offer private parties. These makers are eager to share their work and their knowledge.

“Jewelry is a very personal thing…it should tell a story about the person who’s wearing it.” Garance Dore, French photographer/author. Add to your story with jewelry from elaine b’s.

Elaine b’s is located at 22961 Woodward, north of 9 Mile. They are open Tuesday through Fridays 11:00 A.M.-6:00 P.M. Saturdays and Sundays 12:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M. Find them online at elainebjewelry.com, Facebook and Instagram.


BENJAMIN MOORE’S PAINT STOP IS A WELCOME ADDITION TO THIS HOME LOVING, COLORFUL COMMUNITY. Owner Hassan Nasser did his research before opening his paint supply business on Woodward in January 2019. After 31 years in New York, Nasser wanted to continue serving a diverse community and he found that right here. He calls our town “Friendly Ferndale,” and he is enjoying his new business venture.

The store’s customer base extends from the city of Detroit out to the Birmingham area. He serves both residential and commercial customers. Besides a wide array of colors and paint supplies, Nasser and his staff also work as color consultants who can help you find the right shade and finish for whatever you’re looking to apply your fresh coat of paint to. He knows the local contractors and is happy to refer you to painters who can do the job for you.

And they deliver! Minimum order required for delivery? Nasser: “No minimum. Call me if you need a gallon of paint and I’ll get it to you.”

Nasser understands the importance of a good staff and good service. He owned a number of businesses in New York, including a gas station and a Papa John’s pizza franchise. The more stable schedule of the paint store allows him to spend more time with his wife and four children, three sons aged 18, 17 and ten and a daughter, three. The Paint Stop is a great addition to “Friendly Ferndale.” Hassan Nasser and staff are here to help keep Ferndale colorful.

Benjamin Moore Paint Stop is located at 23245 Woodward Ave, north of 9 Mile. You can also check their website: www.paintstopstore.com.


“COMPASSIONATE. COLLABORATIVE. INNOVATIVE. PASSIONATE. DEDICATED.” These words are part of the mural that lives next to Mike Haddad’s desk at Detroit Grooming Co. Mike, DGC’s co-creator and CEO, gives credit to local artist Kevin Burdik for the work. Giving credit is something Haddad does frequently, with genuine gratitude. To the rest of the team – Mike Spiewak, Brad Schmelzer and Liz Campbell – and to Krista Johnston of DIY StreetFair who started them on the road to retail success.

And, of course, the customers. “We listen to our customers and they help us push forward.” DGC works with local farmers and manufacturers as much as possible to create consistently highquality products. And they smell so good. Haddad smiles. “Scent is tied to 73 percent of our memories.”

Their airy warehouse base is a little bigger than the 100 square-foot converted janitor’s closet in Royal Oak where it all started. At the beginning, they could make 12 beard butters at a time on their double burner. Today, they make a variety of men’s grooming products that include beard butter, oil, shampoo and conditioner filling hundreds of jars and bottles every day. They label and box all of the orders that go out, then send them to a fulfillment center in Warren to be shipped across the country and around the world. There is a retail counter in the warehouse.

The butters and oils have Michigan names like Traverse City and Harbor Springs. A vintage barber chair sitting in front is used when they bring in master barbers to conduct workshops for local barbers and stylists. They also do onsite classes at salons and barbershops. They shoot their youtube videos onsite and sell great t-shirts and other items. The folks at Detroit Grooming Co. are loving their home base in Ferndale. There are plans to host some barbeques and events this summer to celebrate their ongoing success with us! In the meantime, check out the beard nourishing, great smelling products at Detroit Grooming Co.

Detroit Grooming Co. is located at 2615 Wolcott, just off Woodward Heights. They are open 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. You can find them at www.detroitgrooming.com.


BLUMZ BY JRDESIGNS IS A PERENNIAL FAVORITE IN OUR TOWN, AN AWARDWINNING FLORAL AND EVENT PLANNING COMPANY with locations in Detroit and Holly as well as Ferndale. You can call or go online to order flowers, but visiting the store on East 9 Mile is a wonderful experience. Just inside the door you’ll be surrounded by a spectacular choice of plants and a creative variety of planters and yard decorations. Then there are the glass cases full of beautiful cut flowers, racks of greeting cards and shelves full of unique gift items. Finally, there are the chocolates. A case full of beautiful chocolates at the center of it all. Flowers and chocolate, what could be better than that?

Besides endless gift possibilities, owners Jerome Raska and Robbin Yelverton and their staff can help you plan an event from start to finish and there is a lovely event space available right in the store! Blumz is the perfect place to help you commemorate an important event, or just pick up flowers on your way home to brighten up the day. Don’t forget the chocolates.

Blumz is located at 522 E. 9 Mile Road in Ferndale. Hours are in flux during the crisis and the Detroit location is temporarily closed. No contact delivery and pickup at present. Call them at 248-398-5130 or reach them online at www.flowersbyblumz.com.


IT’S BEEN NINE YEARS ON THE 9 FOR THE POPULAR, ALWAYS GROWING RUST BELT MARKET. A family and dog-friendly meeting place and shopping mecca, it’s a whirl of activity during the holidays and a favorite meet-up place all-year-round. You can find a variety of Ferndale/Detroit/Michigan gift items, vintage jewelry, handmade clothing and soaps, one-of-a-kind gift cards, local photography, delicious cheese and chocolate, and beautiful plants.

Several new vendors have joined RBM this year, including The Brave Wimp, David Vintage, The Vintage Wick and Supah Market. They also have two rotating pop-up spaces and welcome new vendors for shorter term stays each weekend. There is an event space in the middle, available for rental and host to semi-annual events. Ferndale Radio, 100.7 FM, is based at the Market as well. When you need a break from shopping, there’s a nice little bar in the back. The Rust Belt is a perfect place to start or wrap up your tour of Ferndale.

The Rust Belt Market is located at 22801 Woodward in Ferndale. You can reach them at 248-238-8728 or online at hello@rustbeltmarket.com. They are open Fridays from 12:00 P.M. – 7:00 P.M., Saturdays from 11:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M. and Sundays from 11:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. Look for extended hours during the December holiday shopping season.


MAESTRO’S IS THE PLACE TO GO WHEN YOU WANT SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOUR FURRY LOVED ONES. Located at 310 W 9 Mile Rd near Allen, Maestro’s has the best prices on high-quality dog and cat foods; frozen, freeze-dried and kibble. Maestros’ Deli’s Culinary team produce the most unique grain-free, filler-free and man-made preservative free treats for dogs and cats. And Maestro’s Signature Dried Necks are for perfect for cleaning teeth. 248-632-1199