About Us

Ferndale Friends…

is truly “Your Neighborly Newspaper!” Every page and every article is about Ferndale – the people who live here, the businesses located in our city, our clubs and organizations, and the activities which take place here.

We’ve grown tremendously over the last four years, more than tripling both our circulation and page count. We had almost 160 ads in our last edition!

Our mission…

is to enjoy an unmatched readership loyalty – people love the paper and look forward eagerly to each edition – because it is all about the town we love.

Written & produced by…

YOUR NEIGHBORS! Every one of us lives in Ferndale. Unlike the reporters from the corporate papers, we come home to Ferndale every night. We know our city like no one else.

This isn’t a job for us – we publish FERNDALE FRIENDS because we’re proud of our town, and we want to bring our neighbors closer together. Some of us bring many years of publishing experience to the project, but we welcome the participation of any Ferndale resident.

FERNDALE FRIENDS is published every other month. It is hand-delivered (many by the publisher herself!) to every one of Ferndale’s 9,500 homes, another 3,000 Oak Park and Hazel Park homes, and another 5,500 copies are distributed around town in pretty much every public venue.

FERNDALE FRIENDS is a professionally produced, full-color, newsprint publication. The newspaper is financed primarily through ad sales, although we also solicit financial support directly from the community.

FERNDALE FRIENDS is child-safe and family friendly in terms of our content at all times. We favor neither a liberal nor a conservative viewpoint. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any ideas, opinions, criticisms or complaints. You’re going to be amazed by what you find in FERNDALE FRIENDS!

We are blessed to live in a truly remarkable city; the best town on Earth. And we are proud to present the real-life stories of our neighbors. If you’re also proud of Ferndale – just wait until you get to know a whole lot more about the fabulous and fascinating people who live here!

– Stephanie Loveless

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