Your review is important to us

“Thanks again to you and all your staff for all you do for our community.” – Esther

“I just wanted to let you know that Ferndale Friends is an awesome publication.” – J

“I am amazed at the quality of your paper. – E.L

“Let me tell you, your paper gets read! I am amazed at the amount of comment I’ve received.” – N.G

“Your last issue was outstanding!! Thank you so much for all you do!!!” – P.K

“Steph, you are an advertiser’s dream. Best layout I’ve ever seen.” – Erica

“Thanks for doing this. We love Ferndale and look forward to seeing your newspaper.” – John

“I am very excited about your newspaper – what a great idea! I love the small-town feeling of Ferndale. It is definitely an eclectic town where you are sure to find lots of interesting stories. Thanks for your contribution in making Ferndale a fun and friendly place to be!” – Jessica

“My name is Kelly and I’ve lived on W. Bennett for seven years now. I got your newspaper and I think it’s wonderful!” – Kelly

“I just got your new Ferndale paper. I LOVE it!” – Sarah

“Luv your new newspaper.” – Tom

“Very cool! Hope you are around a long time.” – Mary

A neighborhood paper is just one more thing that keeps us aware of being neighbors. One more thing that reminds us that we have so much in common. We live here because we think Ferndale is a good, safe and accepting city. It is a city with a future and we are ready to be part of that future! – Ann Heler, resident since 1981.

“Arf Arf!” – Roxie (translation: “It’s about time Ferndale’s four-legged residents got some recognition in the local media!”)

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