Free Health Clinic: Ferncare Update

Free Health Clinic: Ferncare Update

By: Ann Heler

BIG NEWS: We are opening an additional clinic session: Second Thursday evening of the month from 6:00 P.M. To 8:00 P.M. We are now open once a week: The first and third Saturdays from 9:00 A.M. to noon and the second and fourth Thursday evenings from 6:00 P.M. To 8:00 P.M.

Also, we are opening a support group for people with diabetes. This is for our patients and for anyone else. You do not need to be a patient to attend these sessions. They will be held on the first Saturday of each month from noon to 1:00 P.M. Call the appointment line at 248- 677-2273 and let the person know that you would like to attend the diabetes sessions. Once again of course, these sessions are free. We will be cooking and shopping in addition to providing diabetes education and care.

Jewish Family Services will be at the clinic on the first Wednesday of each month from 6:00 P.M. To 9:00 P.M. to assist with health insurance enrollment. This is for either the Insurance Exchange or Healthy Michigan. Their staff do enroll- ment assistance full time and are more than willing to work with anyone who has had difficulty enrolling. They are real problem solvers. They saw seven people in December and six were enrolled com- pletely by the time they left. They are very experienced with both programs.

Thank you everyone who responded to our Annual Appeal letter. You have been very generous again. All of you make all of us smile.


-Make funny faces in the mirror

-Tell someone you are mighty glad they are in your world

-Drink at least 3 glasses of water

-Dance to a song on the radio, Ipod, your phone… just dance!

Clinic Appointments and Information: 248-677-2273

We have NO waiting list. You will have an appointment definitely within the month. We can help you sign up for the Insurance Exchange or Healthy Michigan. The only criteria we require is that you have no health insurance and no prima- ry care provider. CALL if you do not have health care!


Bring medications and medical equip- ment to the clinic on either the first or third Saturday of each month, anytime between 9:00 A.M. and noon.

We take everything EXCEPT:

-wooden crutches (can’t be sterilized)

-oxygen tanks****

-hospital beds


-motorized wheelchairs

Take controlled substances, psychotropic medications or muscle relaxants to the Royal Oak Police Station medication drop box at 221 E. 3rd St. in Royal Oak.

****Oxygen tanks have to be returned to the name on the tank. Tank distributors ONLY take tanks that they distributed.

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