Art Education: At Your Bacon Call

Art Education: At Your Bacon Call

Anthony Bacon certainly has an artistic name. Any relation to Francis?

“I wish I was related to either the writer or the artist.” He chuckles. “If I was, I could be creative full time.” Instead, he chooses to help tackle thoroughly modern issues. “Our world is now dominated by computers and video games, which means the need for many of our students to be creative is lost.”

Like a renaissance man, he wears many different hats while pursuing his goal of art education for everyone. A working artist (with an exhibition open now at Level One Bank on Woodward in Ferndale), he’s also an art instructor at Schoolcraft College as well as the founder of Information Plus Art, LLC, an art instruction and educational consulting company.

“Our vision is to provide consulting and instructional services, including art training, for businesses, schools, and individual families.” Bacon explained. IPA can plan anything from a one-day employee appreciation art program to a complete curriculum for an entire school district.

“Our two-person corporation has experience in education, special education and art, from grades K-12 and college. Our motto is ‘Education is a lifelong process and art creations are inspired through engagement and life’s experiences’.”

IPA is quite keen on providing art experiences to special education students. “Art programs benefit special education students by helping them to see differently and think on their own without criticism from others.” Bacon says.

As a college instructor, Bacon has seen firsthand the effects that cuts in art programs have had on new higher education students. “One of the effects on incoming students taking art classes for the first time is that they have to be taught the basics, how to think (visualization) and how to be creative.” He explains. As for those students who choose not to go on to college, Bacon argues that, while in high school, they deserve to have a choice beyond the usual STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concept in many districts. Bacon is pleased to see that this has been modified to STEAM in some places, with the arts now included.

As an artist, Bacon isn’t content to stick with one medium, one style, or one particular theme. “I do scenery, still life, city-scapes, music-related subjects, dogs, cats, people, and superheroes.” He’s very excited about his new exhibition at Level One Bank, celebrating Detroit and Southeast Michigan. “They offer local artists a great opportunity to display their creations in an alternative setting.” Bacon says. “The staff and management are fantastic. The approval method to exhibit at the bank was not complicated and the gallery space is top-notch.” The displayed works run the length and breadth of his varied interests, reflecting the diversity of the area, and range from pencil drawings to assemblages, realistic to abstract. “It’s been an eye-opening experience.” Bacon says about the preparation of his exhibition. “I plan to do it again in 2015.”

To learn more about Information Plus Art, their philosophy, programs and full range of services, visit their website at Reach them by phone at (313) 801-222 or e-mail them at

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