Acts Of Kindness

Acts Of Kindness

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STUDENTS OF Kennedy Elementary recently took on The Great Kindness Challenge. The students were provided with a list of 50 suggestions of wonderful ways to be kind, such as, calling your grandma or grandpa, making a new friend, or saying good morning to five people.

Mrs. Trolinger’s second grade class decided that they would be kind by giving back to the community and supporting 2 local Ferndale businesses. On Saturday, January 30, Mrs. Trolinger and seven students from her second grade class made a visit to the Ferndale Catfe’ Lounge. They brought donations collected in the classroom, including cat beds, food and cat toys.

The students were greeted by Deanne Iovan, chief pooper scooper at the Catfe’ Lounge, and volunteer Julie Brennan. The Catfe’ Lounge is full of nooks and crannies for the cats to play and hide in. There is even a catwalk along the walls near the ceiling where the cats can go to get a better view of things. The students learned to be quiet and calm in the cats’ environment and, while many of the cats seemed to enjoy the attention, a couple fled to the catwalk.

Mrs. Trolinger, who has been teaching at Kennedy for ten years, and in the Ferndale district for almost 20, would like to keep this going all year round. She may schedule another visit to the Catfe’ near the end of the school year.

The Catfe’ is located at 821 Livernois. Visits are on a donation basis.

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