The Writing Rink: Butterscotch

The Writing Rink: Butterscotch

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By Aaron Butler, 11th grade, University High School

We are all very lucky to be here, just in case anybody wasn’t
aware of that. I learned a long time ago in life that not much
is fair. We’ve bestowed upon the eternal dance of planet Earth,
teaching one to learn and accept one’s fate and move on to the next day, but
it’s hard always trying to keep a peaceful mindset. It’s hard trying not to subject yourself to self-deprivation. It is kind of hard, trying to speak up, from a place where no one wants to hear you.

Expressing, aggressiveness and impulsivity with very little to absolutely no emotional control was my last habit, but it seems as though I’m starting to get
back at it. That demon that I carry is heavy. The things that I can’t help but to think about is entirely stressful upon my brain. But she is the only silhouette of all the darkness I have always longed for, when her beaming light could only choke me in It’s illumination. She remains
the only one that can drive my every instinct to help me find some type of rhythm
in my life.

If only I could ask her how she has the capability to fit my whole universe inside of her. She is like my own open notebook that I can write all of my tongue scratched love notes in. In one of those notes I’ll tell her “I hope you’re not feeling empty
or lonely, because I’m willing to leave behind so much of myself for you.”
I remember a while back, when we were sparking each other’s fireworks; you made me feel as if I was yet but another supernova, in a continually imploding galaxy
of suns, all for enlightenment and favor. Lust, is one of those deadly sins
we committed that summer night.

Regardless of what was committed, we could still be standing face to face, and from where I would be standing, I can see all eternity right before my eyes.
I would love to be that guy that you’re just oh so in love with, but as of right now, my energies are a bit unbalanced.

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