Public Service Credit Union

Public Service Credit Union

By Sara E. Teller

Serving the Public for More Than 70 Years

PUBLIC SERVICE CREDIT UNION (PSCU), formerly known as the Wayne County Employees Credit Union, opened for business in the Detroit Metropolitan Area more than 70 years ago. Branch offices can be found all across Southeast Michigan and the company is headquartered in Romulus.

“We have 140 dedicated employees who feel an obligation to provide the best financial services available to our near 35,000 members,” said Nadine Hohnke, Digital Member Experience Manager for PSCU’s Oak Park branch. “Our mission is to help our members reach their financial goals.”

Every customer who walks through the door can be sure their own unique needs are heard and met. In fact, members are considered part of the team. Hohnke said, “As a member of the PSCU family, everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Every one of our members is also part owner of the Credit Union, which means that whatever benefits the Union also benefits members.”

While PSCU seems to have a more personalized feel than larger banking facilities, it’s still able to offer a broad range of financial services from checking and savings accounts, CDs, online and mobile banking options, vehicle loans, mortgages, and more.

“We also provide a wide array of commercial banking services for our business members,” Hohnke said. “Best of all, our products and services are offered at better rates [than at traditional banks] because we are a not-for-profit cooperative that does not have to create income for stockholders.”

Some of the more specialized services PSCU Oak Park extends to its members include Savvy Money, which provides free credit monitoring and daily updates without impacting credit score, as well Round Up, which allows customers to round up debit card purchases to the nearest dollar and deposit the extra pocket money into a special savings account. First-time auto buyers also have an opportunity to purchase a vehicle without having a credit history. “This is a great service to the younger buyers,” Hohnke said.

PSCU OAK PARK IS INVOLVED IN A VARIETY OF LOCAL ACTIVITIES and fundraising opportunities throughout the year. The Pink Fund, Eleanor’s Walk for HOPE, and Relay for Life are just a few of the charitable events in which PSCU has participated.

“Every year a group of PSCU employees go out to spread some holiday cheer in our neighboring cities, including the City of Oak Park,” Hohnke added. “In the past, we have gone to stores and paid for a shopper’s items at checkout, purchased meals for strangers, surprised people by filling their gas tanks at the pump as well as extended many other random acts of kindness.”

Of course, the pandemic has put a damper on some of the community involvement over the past couple of years, but PSCU Oak Park has developed alternative strategies for continuing to give back.

“This past holiday season was a little different due to the pandemic,” Hohnke explained. “We decided to do PSCU 12-Days of Tipping. Employees were encouraged to order carryout at local eateries. PSCU gave our employees $200 to tip [for their service].”

THE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS HAVE ALSO PROMPTED PSCU to make a few changes to allow for members to have better access to online services. “To meet the needs of customers during these uncertain times, PSCU redesigned its mobile app, online banking portal, and websites so customers can do even more online,” Hohnke said.

She believes PSCU Oak Park is more than just one of the branch locations, saying, “It’s where the community, local businesses, and organizations can come together to receive genuine support. Through lending, financing, investing, and community development, PSCU is here to grow and sustain the wonderful community of Oak Park.”

For more information on membership options, products or services, call 734-641-8400 or visit

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