Ori Kami Organics

Ori Kami Organics

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Story by Rebecca Hammond
Photos by Jeff Lilly

For a year and a half, Rust Belt Market has housed Ori Kami Organics, a collection of teas, creams, clothing, and baby accessories made and mixed by hand from quality ingredients by local resident Christina Cosio.

A self-taught seamstress, Cosio is also a self-taught designer. Having used her mom’s sewing machine in her teen years to make her own accessories, she now sits in Rust Belt with her sewing machine and serger, making clothes for newborns and kids up to six years of age. Mostly made from organic fabrics, Cosio also has seasonal wear crafted from soft, funky fleece. The prints are adorable, and just the thing if you do not want a run-of-the mill baby gift. There are even fleece ponchos designed to make getting your baby in and out of car seats easier.

“Everyone loves the leggings. They fit well over cloth diapers. Moms get lots of compliments on them. I get lots of customers looking for baby shower gifts. I put together gift baskets and boxes. I often hear back from customers that their gift was the talk of the shower. Working with textiles like organic cotton and bamboo terry cloth keep babies safe, clean and eco-friendly.”

Cosio also makes and sells unusual accessories. Necklaces with beads of hospitalgrade silicone are bright and just the right length and size for baby to hold and play with while nursing. The beads are soft but firm, great for (and safe for) teething. Interspersed with the silicone are all-natural maple beads, babies sometimes wanting something harder to gnaw. Amber beads are another option.

“I started my company after I had my son. I’ve always taken the ‘crunchy path’, so for our baby shower we received a lot of products like Burt’s Bees and all the ‘natural’ alternatives. We soon found out that they weren’t what they claimed to be. My son broke out to almost every lotion, wipe, diaper and cream that we got. I started making these products to offer truly organic and yuck-free goodies that the entire family can enjoy.”

Moms need pampering, too. Ori Kami carries hand-blended creams, oils, and teas. The Mother’s Milk Tea is described as useful for supply issues, such as right after baby is born, or later, perhaps if a mom is heading back to work and will be pumping milk to store. There’s even a post-partum bath tea, safe for baby, healing for mom after birth. All moms understand the need for products like Belly Oil and Nipple Cream, also available.

Cosio also provides room in her Rust-Belt shop at times for what she calls “other momtrepreuners,” so you’ll find more than just mother/baby items at Ori Kami Organics.

Check out Ori Kami at the Rust Belt Market, open Friday and Saturday from 11:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. and Sunday 11:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

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