Ferndale’s Life Coach

Ferndale’s Life Coach

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Story by Sherrad Glosson
Photography by Bernie Laframboise

Jodi Knittel, owner of Tangerine Road, prides herself in finding the true gift people have inside of them, and bringing it into fruition. A certified facilitator of The Passion Test, Jodi is an authentic ingredient in helping people in need of re-branding or structuring their career paths. A guru, when it comes to helping people live the life they desire by doing something  they love and making a career out of it. In addition, she also works with companies around the country, training their employees to be more engaging in their work and committed to bringing out the best product possible.

“Do what you love, and service others with what you love,” says Jodi, matter-of-factly. In 1995, Knittel moved to Ferndale. She spent many years as an executive recruiter and HR manager at a Fortune 500 company. Her dad, a military man, traveled all over and she bounced around a lot throughout her life. But when she came to Michigan, and witnessed the pleasant peace and camaraderie, she realized that Ferndale would be her home. While working for these major companies, she asked herself what was it that not only companies were looking for out of their businesses and employees, but also, what people are looking for from themselves.

I asked her about the name, Tangerine Road, and she said, “It’s not only my favorite fruit, but it’s a unique fruit that only comes around during the end of summer and fall season, and it’s just a burst of enthusiasm.” A small fruit, but very impactful with citrus and flavor Indeed! Tangerine Road is a consulting firm for not only businesses but also individuals. On the business side of things, she uses, as mentioned earlier, “The Passion Test,” which helps companies break down their mission and align their employees with what they are good at and how they can benefit and excel in the company. The test also helps companies select their potential employees more carefully. That way, it’s a win/win situation. You get the job doing the things you love, and not trying to fit in where you don’t feel comfortable.

On the individual side, Jodi understands that people sometimes fall short of the path of a prosperous life and became complacent, and sadly it could be as severe as a death of a close relative or divorce that can put people in a rut. Guaranteeing that with just a few sessions you will have a new outlook on life and most importantly yourself, Tangerine Road is designed to build companies, individual lifestyles and most importantly help people understand the knowledge of self. I asked, Jodi what her goals are. “My number one passion is to inspire others to create the life they want!”

For more information on how to schedule your consultation, visit www.TangerineRoad.net.