Detroit Together Men’s Chorus

Detroit Together Men’s Chorus

Story By Sara Teller

The Detroit Together Men’s Chorus (DTMC for short) is a Detroit-based, all male chorus founded in 1982. The chorus, now in its 33rd season, serves the communities of southeastern Michigan, northern Ohio and Windsor, Ontario. Over the years, its members have come from all over the world–from local communities in metro Detroit, those in the extended area, such as Ann Arbor and Toledo, and as far away as Australia! The premiere gay and gay-supportive men’s chorus currently contains 35 active members from all backgrounds and orientations, and includes a strong volunteer membership and steady support from area donors. It was formed with the primary purpose of advocating for and promoting a positive image of the metro Detroit LGBT community.

DTMC’s volunteers are a much-needed component of the group, and donations are always appreciated. “Our ff15674_dtmc_1volunteer membership gives tirelessly of themselves. Without our donors and volunteers, DTMC wouldn’t be able to sing as proudly as we do and we are forever grateful,” says Vince Houle, board member and chorus singer. “We are currently looking for volunteers in so many areas that are needed,” he adds, including aid with various new advertising, printing, fundraising and photography initiatives. “We are looking for a graphic artist to help with playbills and advertising media, a printing company, help in planning and executing fundraising and concert events, people to record us and help us make a CD, and a photographer to capture moments at concerts and events and help with community outreach. We are in the process of trying to organize a volunteer guild,” he explains, which is still in the works. Donations can be made on the group’s web page, and donors receive recognition and free concert tickets.

The chorus is currently restructuring, and some of the group’s immediate goals include expanding the group, increasing its presence and creating partnerships with non-profits and other local area organizations. It continues to look for new male singers interested in utilizing their vocal skills to contribute to its overall mission of providing support for the LGBT community. “We are always looking for men with singing abilities to join our chorus from all background and orientations,” Vince says, and he is excited for the many changes to come. “We are always mindful of our beginning and accept the challenges that lie ahead. It is an exciting time for the Metro Detroit area and its LGBT community. As DTMC breaks new ground and achieves new heights, we do so in the fellowship and joy of making music together!”

DTMC’s upcoming Christmas holiday concert will be held at the Ferndale High School on Saturday, December 17, 2016, at 7:30 PM. As always, proceeds from concert ticket sales will help with the annual budget, and ff15674_dtmc_3local residents are encouraged to check out what the group is all about. Those who donate $50 or more in advance will receive free admission to the event. Those interested in advertising can choose to have their ads placed at the concert and can reserve ad space ahead of time on the chorus’s website.

More information about the Detroit Together Men’s Chorus, including how to donate and volunteer, can be found on its webpage at The group can also be found on Facebook.
Those interested in volunteering can contact Vince at 313-690-3559 or, or Artistic Director, Brian Londrow, at 313-320-9792 or