Ferndale Schools: New Montessori Program

Ferndale Schools: New Montessori Program

By: Blake Prewitt, Superintendent, Ferndale Public Schools

BEGINNING IN THE FALL OF 2015, Ferndale Schools is excited to offer several new pro- grams for our students. You will be hearing all about these wonderful new educational opportunities within our District in the coming weeks.

One of these new opportunities will be a pilot Montessori program for students ages six through nine (grades 1 to 3.) This new program, to be housed at Roosevelt Primary School, will enable students with Montessori experience to continue their education in a Montessori classroom while building relationships with their local community school district. Beginning with students with Montessori early childhood experience, our goal is to grow this lower Montessori classroom to include additional students without a Montessori background who are interested in exploring this unique way of learning.

The Montessori Method of education was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, over 100 years ago in Italy. The value of a Montessori education is how the program is set up to allow children of all learning styles to excel: students are free to learn at their own pace, each advancing through their individualized curriculum as they are ready.

The goal of Ferndale Schools is to provide all students with an exceptional education that prepares them for college, careers and success in a diverse society. Opening a lower Montessori classroom is an exciting option for all Ferndale families, especially those students with Montessori experience.

For more information on the Ferndale Public Schools Montessori Program, and other new educational initiatives within Ferndale Schools, please visit www.ferndaleschools.org.

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