Ferndale Garden Club Offers Annual Scholarship for Green Students

Ferndale Garden Club Offers Annual Scholarship for Green Students

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AFFORDABLE CARE ACT (ObamaCare) Insurance Exchange Marketplace update: Does having the Affordable Care Act mean that FernCare will close some- time this year? The clinic will not close in the foresee-able future. This is only the first enrollment period. The Medicaid (Healthy Michigan) enrollment is not even scheduled until some time in April. Michigan has a long way to go before a significant number of people have health care they can count on. Also, even if the new programs are an unqualified success, there will still be people who do not qualify for either plan and there are a number of services that we will be able to provide that are not offered under the expanded Medicaid plan.

PIPE BREAK UPDATE: Thank you everyone who called and sent a donation to repair our building after the pipe break. You have to know that we are honored that you would do that. The restoration is about to begin and with our insurance and your wonderful donations, I believe that the clinic will be back to exactly as it should be.

SIXTH ANNUAL DINNER, May 8, Thursday 6:00 – 9:30 pm: Yes, our signature fundraiser is set and almost ready to go. We are going back to the Ukrainian Cultural Center, 26601 Ryan Road, Warren, 48091. Put the date in your book! Tickets are $40/person and $320 for a table of 8. There will be of course more information the closer we get to the date and you can always go to the FernCare web site for the latest information. http://ferncare.org.

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