The Greenfield Plaza : A Haven for Oak Park Entrepreneurs

The Greenfield Plaza : A Haven for Oak Park Entrepreneurs

Story by Sara E. Teller
Photos by Bernie Laframboise

INSIDE THE GREENFIELD PLAZA, visitors will find a variety of unique, stand-out shops and services. Co-owner Catia Khalife said, “We have a church, fitness center, tax preparation businesses, restaurants, tattoo parlors, hair salons, nail salons, law offices, print shops and, of course, the jewelry stores.” The Plaza is also home to medical and educational services, as well as an entertainment studio. “We offer clean, affordable, and secure locations. We strive to help your business to be successful,” according to management advertisements.

It’s not uncommon for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to inquire about setting up their business inside the Plaza, and the Khalife family welcomes them. “We have a policy of giving everyone a chance,” Catia said. We welcome everyone. We have had tenants come in with a dream and just enough to pay their security deposit…some have become established businesses in the building for a decade or longer. We are most proud of creating a diverse community of businesses and people in a centrally-located city.”

For info, visit the Plaza’s social media pages or call 248.968.1241.