The Garlows Go For A Run!

The Garlows Go For A Run!

HAVE YOU EVER LOOKED AT YOUR LIFE and realized that it lacked purpose? Eight months ago we admitted this to ourselves.

Throughout our lives, we are led to believe that we find our value and worth in external sources. This is not true. To place our value in external sources, we create a gap between ourselves and the meaning of life. Which will always lead us to un-fulfillment.

What we know now is that a dream is not what we save up for, work towards or achieve. A dream is the way we experience life. Life is meant to be lived purposefully.

When you ignite your dream, you discover your values. The two are inseparable and support each other. It then becomes imperative that you embody these values in every moment to bring your dream to life.

For us this means leaving Ferndale and beginning our journey of Running Into a New Earth, taking us to the Stop Line 3 Resistance in Northern Minnesota.

THE PROPOSED ROUTE FOR LINE 3 crosses 227 lakes and rivers, including the Mississippi River and rivers that feed directly into Lake Superior. As a representation of these sacred waters, we will be running 227 miles along the North Country Trail.

“If Line 3 is completed it will carry nearly a million barrels a day of crude oil – the dirtiest oil to extract and burn – from Alberta, Canada through Minnesota to Superior, Wisconsin.

“When it spills, as all pipelines do, millions of people downstream will feel the effects, and wild rice beds sacred to the Anishinaabe in Minnesota will be destroyed.” – Line 3 Solidarity Action.

Enbridge, the Canadian company building this pipeline, is the same company responsible for the largest inland oil spills in U.S. history which happened in Kalamazoo, July 2010. They are also the same company pushing the Line 5 pipeline which is proposed to travel under the Straits of Mackinac.

THE WAY WE CURRENTLY LIVE as a people has an expiration date that is fast-approaching. Looking for answers within the same system that has led us down a path to our own demise, will only bring about more destruction.

It’s time to create a new energy within ourselves. Looking beyond our current societal structures. Change cannot take place within the current structures. We must change our energy, and the structure will follow.

Unhappiness and negativity is a disease on our planet. What pollution is on the outer level is negativity on the inner. Creating a new energy is to shift the way we experience life. To discover the depths of our being and the beauty that lies at our core. When this happens, our world around us will begin to change.

We heal ourselves, and by doing so, we heal Mother Earth.

To learn more about #StopLine3, visit and follow our journey on @wearebrandonandfiona


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