Six Years of Just 4 Kicks

Six Years of Just 4 Kicks

By David Ryals

THIS MONTH MARKS THE SIXTH ANNIVERSARY OF JUST 4 KICKS: a Ferndale Elementary School fundraiser benefiting the Ferndale Elementary Camp Scholarship Fund. The event is an adult-only talent show where parents perform for parents at the Loving Touch to raise money.

Amy Tarrant is the lead person for the fundraiser, and recently spoke to Ferndale Friends about the up-coming event. “Just 4 Kicks started in 2012. My sister Tess lives in Huntington Woods, and her kids go to Berkley Schools. The elementary school parents at the time came up with this idea for a fundraiser for their school, but it only lasted a few years. Tess reminded me that Ferndale has so many amazing musicians and talent and that I should start this at our school. So eventually I did. The parents love this event and look forward to it. We always have a fun and entertaining show.”

The program has a made a positive impact since it started, and has helped kids get out in nature and experience camaraderie. “Just 4 Kicks is a fundraiser for Ferndale Elementary Schools outdoor education. All the money raised goes toward camp scholarships. If you need money for your kid to go to camp, you just say so. No questions asked, your kid will go to camp. Not to discount or undermine any of our other wonderful fundraisers we do – I think a lot of parents would agree that this is the one event not to miss. It is way better than selling wrapping paper or waiting outside a grocery store asking people for money.”

To make it more enticing for adults to participate in the event, it’s held at the Loving Touch every year in downtown Ferndale. “No kids are allowed! It is a time where you can meet other parents from our school family, network and really enjoy yourself. Even our teachers and principals show up and are often on stage. It’s so very different than getting to know someone at a PTA meeting and way more fun.”

Amy knows the importance of extracurricular activities for children and emphasizes using nature as a tool for learning. “Outdoor education is very important to Ferndale parents and educators. Using the outdoors as a classroom can really help a child bloom in ways he or she never had before. All kids K-5 have the opportunity to participate.”

The Loving Touch
Doors 7:00 PM
Show 8:00 PM
After party with DJ Royal-T |$15 at the door