Exploring Metro Detroit’s Music Scene with The Milo Show

Exploring Metro Detroit’s Music Scene with The Milo Show

By: Ingrid Sjostrand

WE’RE JUST HUGE FANS OF MUSIC, ART AND DETROIT, and we’re trying to capture and document an exciting time in our local culture scene,” says Kristi Billings, videographer and editor, describing The Milo Show – a collaborative project between her, host Jeff Milo and sound engineer Chad Stocker.

The Milo Show is a monthly talk show exploring Metro-Detroit’s music scene through interviews and performances by local artists at changing venues. Milo is no stranger to the music industry; he has over 13 years of experience as a freelance music reporter, working for the Metro Times, the Detroit Free Press and, of course, Ferndale Friends. So, when friend, and lead singer of rock quintet The High Strung, Josh Malerman suggested Milo star in his own TV show, it seemed right.

“The concept was initially: Let’s have Jeff just do what he’s always been doing – documenting local culture and conducting dialogues with local artists –only now, on camera,” Milo explains. “But it became an opportunity to provide a panoramic view of Detroit’s arts community…”
Malerman originally planned to produce the project, having just completed his own feature film, but was called to a book tour for his debut novel Bird Box. This is when Billings stepped in, despite having little experience with video editing.

“I purchased some editing software, received some helpful tips from friends, and managed to put together a not-too-shabby first episode,” she says. “Everyone was so pleased with the result it was de-cided I would take over the filming/editing reigns full time.”

The first episode, released in September 2015, was filmed at Berkley Music and featured Kriss Gaynes, Junglefowl, Robert St. Mary and Eleanora as guests. By episode four, Stocker joined as their sound engineer and, as of May 2017, they have produced 18 episodes.

Episodes are approximately 30 minutes and re-leased on the first of the month. The trio has mastered filming the whole show in one day, followed by two weeks for Stocker to mix audio and the rest of the month for Billings to create the final product.

“The tapings are relatively quick considering, for example, Episode 17 had two interviews in two lo-cations, and 3 musical performances each on the stage at Ant Hall. We completed all the staging, tap-ing, and tear down, in about six hours,” Stocker says.

One challenging aspect of filming can be the unique locations and trying to highlight so much of the city.
“One time we filmed in a space that was almost the size of a bedroom – and we still fit six or seven people in there, plus a drum kit!” Milo exclaims. “The bigger goal is to start emphasizing that this is a pop-up talk show, that is traveling around the city each month, collaborating with different venues, so by watching a season of episodes – you still get to see a lot of the city.”

When it comes to choosing artists and guests, Milo says there are no limits. They have had artists from every genre except country, which he says will likely be featured in the next few months.
“Just seeking out people I know will provide an enticing and thought-provoking conversation, as well as call out bands that I see have new albums or singles being released in the near future,” he says. “I’ve also spoken with bloggers, archivists, fashion designers.

Plans for the show are endless, says Milo, maybe even crowd-funding campaigns or increasing the number of episodes per month.

“We want to venture into bolder, stranger, more elegant, more unconventional venues. We want Jack White to come on our show for a chat!” he says.

“We want to do experimental things, like interview in moving cars. We want to try anything, really.”
This is with the caveat that all three agree on the direction of the show. As a resounding theme among the trio, they truly enjoyed working together and creating the Milo Show.

“I get to collaborate with two optimistic, intelligent, and creative people in Kristi and Jeff,” Stocker raves.
“Honestly – I love that I get to work with my friends. I love that we interview interesting people doing interesting things to make this city shine,” Billings relishes.

“My favorite things are the magic that Kristi conjures with her editing, Chad’s exceptional mixing, coupled with his piquant humor and dry wit quipped be-tween takes,” Milo closes. “I hate to say something cheesy like: We’d still be making this even if no one was watching. But it’s true…. That said, we hope more people start watching!”

For more information or past episodes, visit their web site, themiloshow.wordpress.com.